Urk's Art

Here's my art page featuring stuff I've drawn. Lots of anime stuff, fan art for other comics, some comic stuff of my own. All sorts of things featured here.

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DragonBall Z
Goku Powered-Up
Goku Using the Kamehameha Wave
Bardock Goku's Father
SSJ Trunks As a kid
Vegeta Powering Up. An old pic. Gonna do a better one some time.
Final Flash Vegeta using his ultimate attack. Another old pic.
Vegeta Sketch A doodle that turned out well. I'm experimenting CG'ing it.

Old Web Comic Stuff
Stickboy and Grace From My Comic
Friends version 1.0
Friends version 2.0
Urk as a Super Sayian
Hicks (right) VS. Preps (left)
Furby Doing the Weiner Dance (spoof of Undergrads)
The Next MJ Spoofing Matt J. playing basketball
Child's Coming A spoof of the day Grace hits labor
My Image The image I project to others LOL
Urk/Moses He can part legs... LOL
Happiness Poster I spelled Happiness wrong...
Craziness If I were locked in a room by myself for a long period of time.
Urk 1 Practicing viewpoints of my character. Looking up and left
Urk 2 More viewpoints. Looking up and right
Urk 3 More viewpoints. From the side
Urk 4 More viewpoints. Looking down to left with surprized expression
Yami Urk Some Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplay... ^_^

Video Game Art
Aeris Gainsbouro Character from FF VII
Tifa Lockheart Character from FF VII
Mario and Luigi
Princess Toadstool and Toad
Mario Happy as ever Animation
Mario vs. Goombah Animation
The Whole Gang Minus Bowser
Cait Sith Charater from FF VII
Gunblades Two forms of the gunblade from FF VIII
Rivals Squall and Seifer form FF VIII
Squall & Rinoa _|>_@ "I think their in love..." (FF VIII)

Fan Art
Following charaters originally created by Josh Lesnick *SITE*
Wendy, Lucy, and Yumi
Dark Mage Lucy
Lucy in Leather
Lucy in Catacombs
Classic Lucy A look-off of a pic (with some changes)Josh did awile ago. See it *HERE*
Lucy in a fancy dress
Polyp A character Josh created for one of his adult comics "Polyp the Hunter" *SITE* (18+)
Lucy Old sketch
Wendy Old sketch
Wendy Girls Wendy, Lucy, and Yumi sitting
SSJ Wendy Wendy as a Super Saiyan
The Wendy Clan Most of the cast of "Wendy Comic" with a few cameos from his other comics ^_^

Misc. Art
Girl Sitting on a Chair
Coke Symbol
A Girl Standing
Another Girl
PHUCT A pic of a band I go to school with during a performance
Artist Signature A sig by an artist I say on an oekaki board pen-named "Demon Chan"
Evil Kid Fan art of a pic by "Demon Chan"
Selika a character I created watching a sunset on a bridge
Commando Chick A female commando
Ironic War A pic/poem a friend and I did for English class
Freakin' Evil A pic a friend of mine started and I finished
Stef A caricature of a friend when we were sitting in the library during spare
Happy A caricature of a drinking buddy. It's an inside joke about the other guy.
Kylah A caricature of my friend Kylah.
Teryl A caricature of my friend Teryl.
Jocelyn A caricature of my friend Jocelyn
Good & Evil A pic Teryl suggested. Depicting her as an angel and a devil
Good Jocelyn Jocelyn's good side
Bad Jocelyn Heh.. her more... naughty side
Sk8er Girl Kylah's naughty skater side...
Ozzy Osbourne The "Prince of Fuckin' Darkness"
Cleave's Harem A caricature of one of my friend's fantasies...
Broatch A good old pot smoking friend of mine
Shaun Another good friend of mine. Very athletic.
Demurkai I was bored and was looking at an oekaki board. Saw some demon characters drawn, so I did one of my own.
2 Teryls The original Two Sides of Teryl
SSJ Urk & Jade Me and my g/f Jade as Super Saiyans
SSJ Urk V2 Me as a Super Saiyan
Anime Origins Drew this as part of an essay for my Enlish class
Mo I was asked to draw him and Lockie for an English Project of theirs
Lockie I was asked to draw him and Mo for an English Project of theirs
Karla Sketch of a a good friend of mine.
Karla & Urk She was all worried that when I move away in the summer that I'll never come back and I'll completely forget about her and all my old friends. Came up with this to help reassure her that nothing will change much.
Lacey She sat there and bitched and complained because I drew pics of some many people and not her. I was bored one day so I drew it.
Chick W/Gun I was doodling in Psyc. Class. I put some effort into this. Turned out pretty good. I got some compliments too! ^_^
Teryliner! Ha new stuff of the twins now! They miss me too much!
Joceliner! Haha the second twin! In THE SHIRT!
Becky! HaHaHa the bestest of the best friends!! Miss ya lots!!
Agent I'm on a bit of a Matrix kick at the moment..

My Oekaki
Lucy First My first Oekaki with my tablet
Female Soldier For peace in the world and appeal in the army ^_^
Goku It should be in the Dragonball section, but I did it on an Oekaki board
Geodie LaForge I'm a trekkie at heart >_<
Comm. Riker Another Star Trek TNG pic
Lucy Oekaki Fan Art
Yumi More Oekaki Fan Art
Wendy & Josh Oekaki Fan Art feat. Josh Lesnick
Happy Day Got my tablet pen back that day.
Jocelyn The sweetest shirt ever...

Art by Friends and Classmates
Following drawn by Shaun Hofer
Dragonball-ish Guy A charater he made presumably from the other world (see halo)
Cross A cross with some chinese symbols on it
Kevin Garnet W wish I could draw somewhat realistically like Shaun can
Following drawn by Jack Zheng *SITE 1* *SITE 2*
B-Ball Animal A cartoony pic
The Game He made me hold my hands a certain way so he could draw them for this
Cerimonial Sword A fuckin' awesome looking weapon
Jason Kidd Another good realizm artist
Following drawn by Jamison Dick *SITE 1
DJ Graf Some abstract art
New Tag More abstractness
Following drawn by Andrew Broatch
'Shroom! A la Roatch
Mystic Eye A doodle that became something neato
Mystic Eye V2.0 An updated version of the previous pic.
Trippy Haze A collaberation of Andrew Broatch and Barret Well's talent.
Following drawn by Justin Cleaver
Happy Dude The result of Law class bordom.
Following drawn by Barret Wells
Skelemush Barret used my tablet for the first time. He's got talent.